The Product Evolution

When building a product/feature we generally come up with assumptions. How do we know our intuitions are right?. Experiment! Before building the software, select a set of users/client, find out manual ways of solving the problem you are trying to address with this software and make iteration of changes to the manual approach and see how it behaves. If the solution you are trying to build isn’t working manually, then what is the point of building a software for it? »

Procrastination is good

Really? Yes. Procrastination gives you time for divergent ideas, to think in nonlinear ways and to make unaccepted leaps. When you start working on any problem immediately, you don’t get time to think through it. But, when you procrastinate, you subconsciously think about the problem and you may come up with awesome solutions inspired by nature, kids playing in the park or even from the city traffic. “You call it procrastination, I call it thinking” - Aaron Sorkin »