Remote work site monitoring

Recently I was hit with a situation and came up with a simple technique to solve the same at a very very affordable cost.

I am constructing a house back in my hometown, outside the city limits in a small village. The new house work site is close to a km away from my current house, hence it was difficult for my aged parents to always get to the work site and monitor the activities. Moreover, I was very apprehensive when it came to keeping track of work site task advancements.

So yes, here was my problem: I wanted to monitor the ongoing activities at my work site in Mangalore sitting in Bangalore.

Solution: Used my old android phone with Google photos and Macdroid apps to take and upload photos at regular intervals.

So, what does this set up look like :

Solar panel –> Car mobile charger –> My old android phone

The output of the solar panel is connected to the input of Car mobile changer. USB cable is used to connect Car mobile charger with mobile. This will keep Phone charged and be running always.

Used Google Photos app to upload photos, Macdroid app to schedule tasks like:

-Take photos at regular interval

-Delete photos after upload

-Reboot phone at regular interval

-Switch off if battery goes below < 15%

Challenge was to boot up the phone automatically when the solar power comes up (if the phone had drained out completely in the night). I had to modify a file in android ramdisk and flash the phone with updated ramdisk.

Setup and GIF of photos received

Roy Peter

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Bangalore, India